Why Lease/Finance?
Did you know that businesses in the US lease more than $120 billion worth of equipment each year?

  • Leasing Conserves Capital
Leasing allows a business owner to keep capital free for investment or other business instead of tying up that money in fixed assets. Profits from these investments can offset the cost of the lease. A business owner does not have to own an asset to make money using it!

  • Preserve Existing Credit Lines
Leasing provides a new source of funds for present and future needs. Keep your bank credit intact for other needs like inventory, cash flow, or expansion

  • 100% Financing
Unlike bank loans, leasing requires a minimal down payment - usually only one or two payments. Leasing allows you to finance the cost of the equipment, installation, maintenance taxes, shipping charges, and software.

  • Tax Advantages
Leasing offers important tax benefits that reduce the cost of obtaining equipment. Depending on the type of lease, the lessee may be able to write off the entire monthly payment as an operating expense.

  • Budget Advantages
Leasing guarantees a fixed monthly lease payment for the length of the lease term. Operating budgets will accommodate a monthly payment much easier than an outright purchase. This is important to companies with a strict budget.

  • Sustains Competitive Edge
Use the latest technology without assuming the up front costs.
Frequently Asked Questions
I'm New Business, Can I Lease Equipment?
Absolutely! We have lease programs for new businesses with as little as one payment in advance.

When Do Payments Start?
Typically regular lease payments start 30 days after the leased equipment is delivered and you have verbally accepted the equipment.

Do I Have To Insure The Equipment?
Yes, it must cover fire, theft, loss and general liability. Ask your existing insurance company to add this equipment to your policy or we can provide insurance for a monthly fee.

Isn't It Better To Own Equipment?
Use of the equipment, not ownership, produces profit. It is usually more economical to lease equipment and save your cash for other items that cannot be leased. With the lease you have the option of purchasing the equipment at the end of the lease term or returning it to us and upgrading into new technology.

Can I Cancel A Lease Agreement?
No, a lease is non-cancelable. You can however, pay off the lease early with no prepayment penalty.

Who Pays The Taxes?
The lessee is responsible for all taxes and will be part of the monthly payment. You may, however, be tax exempt if you are using the equipment to manufacture items for resale. Tax treatments vary from state to state.

When The Lease Is Over What Are My Options?
Depending on the structure you choose, you will: own the equipment for $1.00, return the equipment to us and upgrade into new technology, or buy it for its fair market value.

How Long Can I Lease Equipment For?
The lease term can run from 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60 months. You choose the lease term that best fits your budget.