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What is Equipment Leasing?

Equipment leasing is the alternative to capital for equipment acquisitions, giving the lessee usage rather than ownership. This year, more than $100 billion worth of equipment will be leased by professionals and businesses of all sizes. Any type of equipment that is income-producing or labor-saving can be leased. It is the use of this equipment that saves you money, not the ownership.

Advantages of leasing include:

  • 100% of the equipment cost is considered for the lease. This can include shipping, installation charges and other "soft" costs.
  • Fixed rental payment during the lease term.
  • Valuable tax advantages- 100% of the cost of your lease is tax deductible!
  • Beat inflation - pay for today's equipment with tomorrow's dollar.
  • Simplify record keeping and cost control.
  • Leasing is more flexible in meeting lessee's needs by providing longer terms and lower down payment.
  • Many of our leasing programs offer a lease to own option. The equipment is yours at the end of the lease.